How quickly does time fly!?


The last few months have flown by, we enjoyed a lovely summer with some really exciting events and great weather to enjoy all that Queenstown has to offer.  If you head over to our instagram account @addstaffqueenstown you’ll see how everyone in our office makes the most of the local activities – there are some amazing walks, some excellent cafes and as always, the stunning scenery to enjoy.

And now, in what seems like seconds, winter has arrived.  Which, for some, means dark mornings and cold weather but for us at Addstaff it means skiing, snowboarding and probably some apres ski too!

On the work front we’ve also been busy.  We have seen a lot of conference and events roll into town and that always means lots of work for us.  We have had people setting up these events in all sorts of areas – lighting and sound, food and beverage, in the kitchen and logistics.  It’s always fun to watch an event get pulled together and makes you realise just how much goes into it (and it’s exciting to be a part of it).

We’ve also placed several staff into permanent roles around town and it’s a really satisfying part of what we do – recruitment to us is more than a job and we love to see people move onto new careers and start new journeys.  Our job gives people opportunities and a it’s nice way to end the day!

Luma and the Queen’s Birthday weekend saw Queenstown buzzing and our phone ran hot.  Seems like every business in town needed staff and we were busy placing our temps everywhere.  It’s a great way to be part of the action – and earn money.  If you didn’t get to see Luma make sure you’re prepared next year, as always it was amazing.

That’s it from us, we’re looking forward to a busy winter, with lots of  temp and permanent jobs available.  Remember to register if you’re looking for work.  Part time, full time, between shifts or whilst you’re looking – we are sure to have something  to help you.

Happy Winter!

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